1.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ramón Poll2.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Novey3.- Residence of Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Arauz4.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Eloy Benedetti5.- Residencia of Dr. and Mrs. Octavio Medina6.- Villa at Contadora Island for Mara Idone.7.- Picans Residence (Galicia, Spain)8.- Residencia and Prelacy for the Bishop of Bocas del Toro.9.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Pascual10.-Beach Residence of Mr. Luis Alberto Arias.11.-Beach Residence of Messrs. Juan and Arturo Vincensini.12.-Beach Residence of Mrs. Iliana García de Paredes.13.-Residence of Mrs. Carmen Guardia (Volcan, Chiriqui)14.-Quinta Almar (Residence of Alberto and Ligia Bermúdez on Vista Mar)Continuar leyendo