1.- Porsche Center, Panama, Panama 2.- Porsche Center, San José, Costa Rica3.- Porsche Center, Quito,Ecuador4.- Porsche Center, Guatemala, Guatemala.5.- Porsche Center, Bogota, Colombia6.- Porsche Center, San Salvador, El Salvador7.- Porsche Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico8.- Porsche Center, Lima, Peru9.- Porsche Center La Recova, Buenos Aires, Argentina10.-Porsche Center, Santo Domingo11.-Porsche Center, Guayaquil, Ecuador12.-Porsche Center, Santiago de Chile13.-Porsche Center, Tegucigalpa, Honduras14.-Porsche Center, Santa Ana, Costa Rica15.-BMW Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica16.-BMW Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica17.-BMW Quito, Ecuador18.-Porsche Center, San Pedro Sula19.-Porsche Center, Cali20.-Porsche Center, Pereira21.-Porsche Center, Medellin22.- Porsche Center, Mendoza, Argentina23.- BMW Plaza. Panamá, Panamá24.- Porsche Malta -Photomontage25.- PLA offices (Miami, Florida)26.- Porsche Center Lima 2,Continuar leyendo

December 2007. San Juan, Puerto Rico.Engineer: Hector Morales. “This Porsche dealership is the only one in Latin America that complies with all the requirements set by the headquarters in Germany. The floor tiles for this dealership were imported from the factory in Italy to match the ones specified on the specs. In dealerships elsewhere in Latin America, such as Mexico and Buenos Airesdonde the spec tiles were matched with local products.”Hector MoralesContinuar leyendo