1.- Dirección Nacional de Migración y Naturalización
2.- Aparthotel Tucan
3.- Meat Processing Plant for Kiener Products.
4.- Accel-Aguadulce Gas Station.
5.- Accel- Cativá Gas Station.
6.- Accel- La Chorrera Gas Station.
7.- Accel- Vía Tocumen Gas Station.
8.- Accel- Santiago Norte Gas Station.
9.- Delta Plaza Tocumen Service Center.

10.-Central Offices and Workshop yard for Petrolera Nacional, S.A.
11.- Building for Isthmus Crossing of Panama. (Fiber optics connection center at Corozal and France Field)
12.- Reforms to Multimax at Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue.
13.- Multimax, 50th Street.
14.- Furniture City, Plaza El Terronal.
15.- Audifoto, Plaza El Terronal.
16.- Laboratory of Nanotechnology (Nanodispertions Technology).
17.-Laboratory for the diagnosis of vesicular diseases (Aphthous)
18.- Reforms and additions to the emergency room of the Social Security Fund Hospital.