Architect Ricardo J. Bermúdez Dutari studied Arquitecture at the National University of Panama and graduated with first class honors on July, 1975. In 1978, he earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, being the second Panamanian to earn this degree in said university.

In 1971, he worked in the architectural firm of De Roux, Bermúdez, Brenes. In 1975, he merged with his father and founded the firm Bermudez Asociados, later named Bermudez, Soriano, Orfila, Arquitectos. At the present time, he is principal of the firm Ricardo J. Bermudez Arquitecto in Panamá, República de Panamá.

He can be contacted via email at:

As an architect, he has designed works in the fields of real estate development and housings of social interest, malls in different areas of the city, specialized laboratories, schools, housing developments for professionals and condominiums of different dimensions, residential as well as commercial. As a designer architect, he has participated in interdisciplinary studies of great influence at a national level.

He is member of the following national and international institutions:

* Panamanian Society of Engineers and Arquitects (SPIA, in Spanish), registered before the Technical Board of Engineering and Arquitecture and counselor of several commisions in the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC, in Spanish)
* Member of Mario Romañach Fellowship of the University of Pennsylvania.
* Member of the Panamanian Businessmen Association.
* Member of the Bioethics Soecity of the Republic of Panama.
* Arquitect for the Latin American and Caribbean Region for the German automotive company, Porsche.
He has participated in the following events:

* Annual Conference of Businessmen (CADE ’94).
* Latin American Advanced Studies Institute (ILDEA 1995, 1996).
* VII National Congress on Arquitecture held in Panama on April, 1996.
* Club Kiwanis of Panama (1966).
* United Nations Development Programme (PNUD 1997)
* Seminar on Political Environment. (Veritas Data, 1997)
* Forum on the Political, Social and Cultural Effect of the CMA (El Panama Hotel, October 23, 1997)
* University Forum on General Implications of the CMA. (National University of Panama, November 26, 1997)
* Speaker on the subject of the CMA at the 1998 Panama Congress of the Professors Association of the Republic of Panama (National University, February 13, 1998)
* Speaker on the subject of the CMA at the Institute for Studies of the Canal (National University, March 3, 1998)
* Speaker on subject of the CMA. APEDE – Azuero Chapter (Chitré, March 5, 1998)
* Speaker on the subject of the CMA. Rotary Club of Panama. (March 19, 1998)
* Speaker on the subject of the CMA in the Central American Forum of Human Rights. (University Auditorium, April 30, 1998)
* Speaker on the subject of the CMA in the Civil Society Forum (El Panama Hotel, May 7, 1998)
* Speaker on the reconversion of military bases to the Republic of Panama (National University of Panama, January, 1999)
* Speaker on Contaminated Sites in the Republic of Panama (Book Week, September 24, 1999, Technological University of Panama)
* Speaker on Contaminated Sites in the Republic of Panama. Rotary Club of Panama. (February 2000)
* Speaker on the Development of Reverted areas and contaminated Sites before the Professional Front (El Panama Hotel, March 29, 2000)
* Conference on Another Option for the Canal and its future. Rotary Club of Panama. (January 11, 2001)
* Conference on Another Option for the Canal and its future. Archbishop’s Office of Panama (March 20, 2001)
* Businessmen and Professionals Association of Panama (June 2001)
* Women Arquitect Club of Panamá. (September 2001)
* University of Panama (Notes on Bioethics and City Planning, May 2002)
* National Congress on Science and Technology (November 2002)
* Symposium on Biotethics and the Environment. Expositor on Urban and Suburban Ecology (October 2004)
* Porsche Design Workshop (Paris, France) October 2004.
* Porsche Design Workshop (Barcelona, Spain) November 2006.
He has participated in the following activities at a national level:
* President of the Trust for the National Symphony Orchestra (1992 @ 1994)
* Member of the Presidential Commission for the organization of the trust in charge of the National Library.
* Treasurer of the Trust for the National Library.
* Member of the Editorial Council of the newspaper, El Universal.
* Weekly Columnist on the Opinion Section of the newspaper, La Prensa (1996- 1999)
* Weekly Columnist of the Opinion Section of the newspaper, El Panama America (2000 -2002)
* Candidate to the second vice presidency of the Republic of Panama on behalf of the Movement Papa Egoro. (May 1994)


Real Estate Developments:
1.- Villa Lucre Real Estate Development. (Designer of the housing plan)
2.- Altos de Balmoral Real Estate Development (City Planning Designer and of the Housing plan)
3.- Los Robles Real Estate Development (City Planning Designer and of the housing plan and mall)
4.- Casablanca Real Estate Development (Designer of the housing plan)
5.- Castilla del Oro Real Estate Development (Designer of the housing plan)
6.- Altos de San Judas Real Estate Development (Designer of general plan and housings)

1.- Plaza Tocumen Mall
2.- Plaza Carolina Mall
3.- Plaza Carolina Norte Mall
4.- Plaza Cecilia Mall
5.- Plaza El Terrenal Mall (Phases 1,2,3 and 4)
6.- Plaza Villa Lucre Mall (Phases 2 and 3)

Specialized Buildings:
1.- Laboratory for the diagnosis of vesicular diseases (Aphthous)
2.- Reforms and additions to the emergency room of the Social Security Fund Hospital.
3.- Meat Processing Plant for Kiener Products.
4.- Accel-Aguadulce Gas Station.
5.- Accel- Cativá Gas Station.
6.- Accel- La Chorrera Gas Station.
7.- Accel- Vía Tocumen Gas Station.
8.- Accel- Santiago Norte Gas Station.
9.- Delta Plaza Tocumen Service Center.
10.-Central Offices and Workshop yard for Petrolera Nacional, S.A.
11.- Building for Isthmus Crossing of Panama. (Fiber optics connection center at Corozal and France Field)
12.- Reforms to Multimax at Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue.
13.- Multimax, 50th Street.
14.- Furniture City, Plaza El Terronal.
15.- Audifoto, Plaza El Terronal.
16.- Laboratory of Nanotechnology (Nanodispertions Technology).

Buildings for automotive sale and service:
1.- Porsche Center, Panama, Panama
2.- Porsche Center, San José, Costa Rica
3.- Porsche Center, Quito,Ecuador
4.- Porsche Center, Guatemala, Guatemala.
5.- Porsche Center, Bogota, Colombia.
6.- Porsche Center, San Salvador, El Salvador.
7.- Porsche Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico,
8.- Porsche Center, Lima, Peru.
9.- Porsche Center La Recova, Buenos Aires, Argentina
10.-Porsche Center, Santo Domingo.
11.-Porsche Center, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
12.-Porsche Center, Santiago de Chile.
13.-Porsche Center, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
14.-Porsche Center, Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
15.-BMW Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica.
16.-BMW Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica.
17.-BMW Quito, Ecuador
18.-Porsche Center, San Pedro Sula.
19.-Porsche Center, Cali.
20.-Porsche Center, Pereira.
21.-Porsche Center, Medellin.

Educational Centers:
1.- Lodging «Yo Tengo un Amigo». (FANLYC)
2.- Education complex for disabled persons of CAI-IPHE- CRI.
3.- Cultural Center for Soka Gakkai of Panama.
4.- Colegio Real de Panamá
5.- Colegio YMCA de Panamá
6.- Colegio Brader. (First and second stage)

1.- Condominium Bahía Balboa.
2.- Condominium Vista del Este.
3.- Condominium Cruz del Sur.
4.- Condominium Parque Marbella.
5.- Condominium Ocean View.
6.- Condominium Altazor.
7.- Condominium Brisa Marina.
8.- Condominium Pacific Park.
9.- Condominium Coral Bay.
10.-Condominium Altamira.
11.-Condominium Torres de Bella Vista
12.-Condominium Aranjuez.
13.-Condominium Madelaine.
14.-Condominium Casa Orleans.
15.-Condominium Torres del Sol.
16.-Condominium Torres de la Costa.
17.-Condominium Sol del Este.
18.-Condominium Costa View.

Individual Residences:
1.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Ramón Poll
2.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Novey
3.- Residence of Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Arauz
4.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Eloy Benedetti
5.- Residencia of Dr. and Mrs. Octavio Medina
6.- Villa at Contadora Island for Mara Idone.
7.- Picans Residence (Galicia, Spain)
8.- Residencia and Prelacy for the Bishop of Bocas del Toro.
9.- Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Pascual
10.-Beach Residence of Mr. Luis Alberto Arias.
11.-Beach Residence of Messrs. Juan and Arturo Vincensini.
12.-Beach Residence of Mrs. Iliana García de Paredes.
13.-Residence of Mrs. Carmen Guardia (Volcan, Chiriqui)
14.-Quinta Almar (Residence of Alberto and Ligia Bermúdez on Vista Mar)

Residential Complexes:
1.- Villas del Golf.
2.- Las Ramblas.
3.- Saint Michelle Residential.
4.- Closed Residential of Lourdes.

Commercial Buildings:
1.- Reforms and additions to Tronlap Tower. (Law firm)
2.- Reforms and additions to the law firm Arosemena y Díaz.
3.- Plaza Guadalupe. (Law offices)
4.- Commercial building for Concreto, S.A.
5.- Commercial building for Brickell Plaza.
6.- Reforms and additions to GBM Building of Panama.
7.- Offices for ICU-RJBD.

Bank Buildings:
1.- Reforms and additions to Banco del Istmo, 50th Street.
2.- Reforms and additions tol Banco del Istmo of Parque Lefevre.
3.- Reforms and additions to Banco del Istmo of Puerto Armuelles.
4.- Reforms and additions to Banco del Istmo of Concepción.
5.- Reforms and additions to Banco del Istmo of La Chorrera.
6.- Banco del Istmo, Plaza Tocumen branch.
7.- Banco del Istmo, Plaza Carolina branch.
8.- Interior arquitecture and design of Banco General – Main office.
9.- Plaza Chase, Bethania.
10.-Banistmo, Plaza El Terronal.
11.-Metrobank, Main Office.
12.-International Union Bank.
13.-HSBC, Tower of the Americas.
14.-HSBC, Plaza El Terronal.

Multidisciplinary Studies:
1.- Touristic and Commercial Concentrated Development Plan for the City of Colon (Arthur D. Little y Asociados- 1980).
2.- Strategic Plan for the Touristic Development of Fort Amador (Edward D. Stone y Asociados- 1996)
3.- Governmental City of Panama. (October 2001)